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Visas are your keys to the World


Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our service and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to



My passport is due to expire soon, can I travel now and renew upon return to the U.S.?

Most foreign countries now require at least a 6 month validity on your passport. We can process your renewal as quickly as you need it, even 24 hrs if necessary, just let us know. Click here to renew your passport.

I want to apply for my first time passport but cannot locate my birth certificate. Are there any other forms of i.d. that will be acceptable?

No, if you were born in the U.S. you must present a long form certified birth certificate when you apply for your passport. It must be issued by the state or county from where you were born and must list your parents information. You can call 1-800-255-2414 to obtain one.

Does my child require a passport to travel?

Yes, if you are traveling to a country that requires a passport from you, it also pertains to your child regardless of age. Even infants now require passports. Please contact our company prior to travel, one of our passport specialists will be happy to check any passport or visa requirements. Also, we can offer the phone number of any Foreign Consulate or Embassy for you to verify passport or visa information. Click here to apply for your child's passport.

How fast can I have my passport issued? offers a 2 - 4 business day turnaround for immediate departures. All others will recieve their passport in 2 - 3 weeks..  Click here to expedite your new passport.

My pages are full in my passport, how can I have pages added?

As of January 1, 2016 you can no longer add pages to your passport. Please click the Renew Passport link below.

How can I renew my passport?

You can renew your passport as long as you answer yes to the following questions. Has my passport been expired less than 5 years? Was I 16 or older when my passport was issued? Do I still have that passport? Is my passport still in good condition? (can't be damaged in any way)If you answered yes to all 4 questions you can renew it. Complete form DS-82, 2 new passport photos, Client's Authorization letter, submit a copy of travel plans and submit your original passport. All required forms can be downloaded from this website. Click on Renew Passport . Let us know how quickly you need it back, we can process it in 24 hrs for immediate travel or 4 - 10 business days for all others.

How can I change the name in my passport?

If your passport was issued within the last 12 months then complete a DS-5504, Amendment form, provide a certified Marriage or Divorce document, or Court document that shows change of name. (must show original court seal) A "Client's Authorization Letter from our company, a copy of your travel plans, & your valid passport. The name change will be inserted onto the amendment page in the back of your passport. You can only amend your passport within 1 year of issuance, after one year your passport must be renewed.  Let us know how quickly you need it finished, we offer 24 hr turnaround for immediate travel, or 4 - 10 business day processing for all others.

My passport has been lost or stolen, how can I obtain a new one?

You can apply for your new passport with forms DS-11 and DS-64, certified Birth Certificate, valid Driver's License, 2 new passport photos, our company authorization letter, & a copy of your travel plans.  Click here to apply for your replacement passport.

Where can I apply for my passport? can process requests from any state, it makes no difference where you live, as long as you have the correct requirements. Click here to apply for your passport.

How quickly can I obtain a U.S. Passport?

Your passport will be issued according to your specific needs. 2 - 4 day emergency service is for those travelers who have immediate departures, or need visas issued prior to their departure. 2 - 3 weeks issuance for all others.